Cable Channels, Wire Ways, & Cable Troughs

Cable channels, wire ways & cable troughs provide the ability to manage and contain wires and cables coming to and from the enclosure.

Wire ways can be incorporated in the base as a wire way base to keep power runs out from underneath the raised floor.

Cable troughs can be added on top of the cabinet and attached to the top panel to allow wires and cables to run directly on top of the enclosure and drop directly into it instead of on costly ladder racks.

These two features allow enclosures to be added on the end of the row very easily and cost effectively. Vertical cable channels can be incorporated inside the enclosure or on the outside if desired.


  • Multiple sizes, height, width and depth
  • Configure to customer specifications
  • Channel doors or no doors
  • Velcro, cable rings, fiber rings, fiber spools can all be added into the troughs or wire ways
  • Water fall entry with radius optional
  • Brushed entry optional
  • End caps for the end of the row
  • Grommeted cutouts optional


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