Internally Removable Panels

Securely mounted from the inside of the server rack cabinet, our internally removable panels are only accessible with inside access.

Server rack equipment is protected by only allowing access to the side of the enclosure can only be done by gaining inside access and removing the mounting screws that hold the side panel on.

Internally Removable Side Panels Part Numbers

Enclosure Frame
ID Height
24" ID Deep
30" ID Deep
36" ID Deep
42" ID Deep
21.09" (12U)SP2124-IRSP2130-IRSP2136-IRSP2142-IR
24.59" (14U)SP2424-IRSP2430-IRSP2436-IRSP2442-IR
35.09" (20U)SP3524-IRSP3530-IRSP3536-IRSP3542-IR
42.09 (24U)SP4224-IRSP4230-IRSP4236-IRSP4242-IR
52.59 (30U)SP5224-IRSP5230-IRSP5236-IRSP5242-IR
61.34 (35U)SP6124-IRSP6130-IRSP6136-IRSP6142-IR
70.09 (40USP7024-IRSP7030-IRSP7036-IRSP7042-IR
73.59 (42U)SP7324-IRSP7330-IRSP7336-IRSP7342-IR
77.09 (44U)SP7724-IRSP7730-IRSP7736-IRSP7742-IR
84.09 (48U)SP8424QRSP8430QRSP8436QRSP8442QR


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