Joining Kits (Internal & External)

Joining kits are used to securely attach enclosures that are in a row to each other which makes the enclosures a little more stable and assists in making the row of enclosures straight and orderly. The joining kits come in two variations, Internal and External.

Part Numbers

The Internal Joining Kit


The Internal joining kits need to be assembled prior to populating the enclosures with equipment and cannot be seen from the outside making the the row of enclosures more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Consists of (4) pair of brackets that are securely attached to the inside channel of the vertical section of the frame in the upper front and rear and the lower front and rear.


The External Joining Kit


The External joining kits are easy to add at any time and serve the same function as the internal joining kits.

  • Consists of (4) brackets to be installed over the outside of the frame members in the upper front and rear and the lower front and rear and are securely attached to the channel behind the front and rear doors.


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