Steel Perforated Door with 63% Open Area

Steel Perforated Door (SPDs) have a steel frame with a 63% open insert to allow for premium ventilation.

SPDs come with a standard lockable swing handle latch and lift off left-hand hinges as a default, (right-hand hinging available).


  • Security
  • Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Multiple locking and latching options
  • Can hinge left or right
  • Doors open 180 degrees
  • 78% open available upon request

Part Numbers

Enclosure Frame ID19" ID Wide
20" ID Wide
23" and 24" Mounting
in 24" ID Wide Enclosures
28" ID Wide
21.09" (12U)SPD2119SPD2120SPD2124SPD2128
24.59" (14U)SPD2419SPD2420SPD2424SPD2428
35.09" (20U)SPD3519SPD3520SPD3524SPD3528
42.09 (24U)SPD4219SPD4220SPD4224SPD4228
52.59 (30U)SPD5219SPD5220SPD5224SPD5228
61.34 (35U)SPD6119SPD6120SPD6124SPD6128
70.09 (40USPD7019SPD7020SPD7024SPD7028
73.59 (42U)SPD7319SPD7320SPD7324SPD7328
77.09 (44U)SPD7719SPD7720SPD7724SPD7728
84.09 (48U)SPD8419SPD8420SPD8424SPD8428


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