Ethics & Compliance

Martin International Enclosures, Inc. Code of Business Ethics & Conduct

Martin International Enclosures, Inc. (“MIE”) requires that all directors, officers and employees abide by the fundamental principles of ethical behavior and acceptable business conduct listed here in performing their duties.

Delivering Quality Products – MIE is committed to designing and manufacturing quality products and providing uncompromising customer service.  MIE products are made of only the highest quality materials and are properly tested, properly identified as to origin, meet contract specifications and are safe for normally intended uses.  MIE products meet all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.

Financial Records – The records of MIE are properly maintained in a manner that provides for an accurate and complete reflection of all financial transactions in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. MIE has developed and maintained a system of internal controls designed to preserve the integrity of our financial records and information.

Fair Employment Practices – MIE is committed to respecting a culturally diverse workforce by way of practices that provide equal access and fair treatment to all employees on the basis of merit. MIE is committed to legally compliant human resource practices and policies which include a full compliance with the federal immigration laws. MIE does not tolerate harassment or unlawful discrimination of any kind in the workplace.

Protection of Assets and Information – MIE’s property, information and opportunities are used for MIE’s business purposes only and not for unauthorized use.  MIE properly maintains the confidentiality of information and employee data entrusted to us. Employees may not use or disclose to third parties any customer, financial or  personnel information as well as any technological information, confidential information, plans, data or trade secrets. Employees may not retain documents containing restricted information when his or her employment is terminated. As a condition of employment, employees agree to protect the confidentiality of restricted information indefinitely beyond the period of employment.

Competing Fairly and Ethically – The United States antitrust laws promote vigorous competition and protect consumers from anticompetitive mergers and business practices. Aggressive competition among sellers gives consumers the benefits of higher quality products and services, lower prices, more choices and greater innovation. MIE gains competitive advantage through our continuous improvement, manufacturing excellence and uncompromising customer service. MIE does not engage in unethical or illegal trade practices.

Conflicts of Interest – MIE restricts employees conduct or relationships that may lead to actual or apparent conflicts between their personal interests and our commitments to the best interest of MIE.  Employees may not have any employment, consulting or other business relationships with a competitor, customer or supplier of MIE.  Employees do not use their positions with MIE to obtain improper benefits for themselves or others, nor do they engage in activities or enter into relationships that compete with MIE

Mike Martin, President