In Row Heat Exchanger

Martin’s Heat Exchanger Unit (HXU) is designed as an In-Row integrated solution to remove server-generated heat from a typical IT server room environment using a chilled water supply. It is configured in the same style and size as Martin’s server and equipment cabinets, and Power Distribution Enclosures (PDEs).

A controlled supply of chilled water is provided to each Heat Exchanger. The chilled water passes through the heat exchanger coils where it collects heat from the rear (hot aisle) and the rear of the adjacent server cabinets and exits the Heat Exchanger and returns to the chiller.

The front mounted fans pull the heated air from the rear through the Heat Exchanger coils where it is cooled and exhausted to the front (cold aisle) and front sides, if desired, directly into adjacent server cabinets.


In Row “open loop” configuration

Incorporates all of the controls, display, monitoring devices, heat exchange coils and plumbing into each HXU enclosure which is located between In Row server cabinets and optionally on each end of the row. Each unit operates independently from the other HXUs. The heat is collected from the “hot aisle”, pulled through the heat exchange coils, and the cooled air exhausts into the “cold aisle”.

In Row “closed loop” configuration

Incorporates the same features as the above except the front and rear doors are solid. The hot air is collected directly from the rear of the server cabinets, pulled through the coils, and the cooled air exhausts directly into the front of the adjacent server cabinets

Hybrid configuration

The hybrid configuration incorporates both airflow solutions in the same configuration so that the hot air is collected from both the hot aisle and directly from the rear of the servers, and the cold air exhausts both into the cold aisle as well as directly to the fronts of the adjacent servers.


  • Nominal 20,000 watt heat removal per HXU
  • PLC controls with color touch screen display
  • Ethernet remote interface
  • User setable alarms for temperature, humidity, coolant flow, condensation, airflow
  • Six individually replaceable exhaust fans, 115 VAC
  • User controllable fan speed
  • Inlet and outlet air temperature monitoring
  • Water flow control
  • Inlet and outlet water flow monitoring
  • Outlet side humidity sensing
  • Washable rear door air filter
  • HXU can be joined to adjacent enclosures using JK1000EX (joining kits optional)
  • 1″ NPTF coolant fittings provided at lower rear (optional top input available)
  • Leak proof base pan and cable style leak detector
  • Automatic transfer switch for dual power input
  • Condensate pan and pump below coil area

Typical Performance / Operating Parameters

  • Nominal heat load: 20,000 watts based on
  • 6.4 GPM coolant flow 6.4 GPM
  • Inlet water temperature: 48F degrees
  • Water pressure drop: ~12 PSIG
  • Airflow: 2800 CFM total
  • Inlet air temp: 95F degrees
  • Outlet air temp: 72F degrees
  • Operates on a single 115V 20A circuit


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