Cantilever Shleves

Cantilever Shelves are designed to mount on only one pair of vertical mounting rails typically on a Telco rack or 2-post rack.

They can mount off of the front of the rack or the rear of the rack or both front and rear creating one long shelf by adding (-C) at the end of the part number.


  • Cantilever Shelves are designed to hold up to 75 lbs. and back to back shelves 150 lbs.
  • Standard Cantilever 12″ and 18″ shelves extend from the vertical mounting rails outward
  • Center Flanged Cantilever shelves extend out from the front as well as towards the center of the Martin Telco rack 3″ to meet with a like adjacent shelf mounted in the rear to form one continuous shelf either 24″ or 36″ total.
  • Made of 14 steel
  • Powder coated
  • Comes with mounting hardware, 10-32 clip nuts, starter point screws, and nylon washers
  • Cantilever Shelves can be mounted with the flanges up or down

Part Numbers

  • CS1908
  • CS1912
  • CS1918
  • CS2312
  • CS2318
  • CS2412
  • CS2418


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