Our standard shielded enclosures are designed to meet typical FCC EMI RFI attenuation requirements.

Other, more stringent shielded enclosures are available by request.


  • The standard shielded enclosure platform is based on our standard aluminum extruded frame.
  • Resilient open cell urethane foam covered with a conductive fabric is used to seal the enclosure in all gaps where side panels, doors, bases, and top panels meet with the frame.
  • All steel parts are made from galvaneal or zinc coated.
  • Zinc plated steel parts assure conductivity and are free of paint in locations where conductivity is required.
  • For more stringent applications, beryllium copper or braided style shielding gasket is incorporated as well as honeycomb air vent filters and EMI Line Filter options for power input.
  • (40) piece M6 rackmount hardware pack included.

Options & Accessories

  • Honeycomb wave guide air vents
  • Door and panel grounding
  • Power entry line filtering
  • Customization available
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Variety of color options


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