Table Top Server Rack

Martin Table Top Enclosures are server cabinets that provide economical storage for areas limited in space, or when a full server rack is not desired.  Table Top Enclosures are ideal for industrial and office environments.  All Table Top Racks have 30″ of usable depth.

The standard configuration is equipped with vented front and rear doors.

All Table Top Racks are Black.

Custom sizes and modified standard configurations are available.


  • Table Top Enclosures available sizes – 3U, 6U, 9U, 12U and 15U
  • Cabinet can be used as a table top or floor standing unit
  • 2 pair of front and rear adjustable rails, M6 square mounting holes
  • Front pair of vertical mounting rails installed recessed 1 ¾” from front and 29 1/4” to second set; both pair of rails are adjustable front to rear
  • Complete with locking front and rear vented doors
  • Cable access holes on top and bottom
  • Vented top and bottom
  • Levelers
  • Vented sides with handles
  • M6-40 hardware pack

Options & Accessories

  • Combo locking swing handle on doors
  • 105 cfm fan
  • Shelves
  • PDUs
  • Vented Lexan® doors
  • Casters
  • Locking casters

Part Numbers

  • TTSC051930-VDNF
  • TTSC101930-VDNF
  • TTSC161930-VDNF
  • TTSC211930-VDNF
  • TTSC261930-VDNF

Table Top Server Documentation


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