Martin Enclosures has the expertise and manufacturing resources to build you high quality, world-class enclosures for virtually any type of application – On Time and On Budget.

Our unique, patented aluminum extrusion design affords an endless combination of enclosure sizes, configurations, and complexity.

In addition to enclosures, our patented aluminum extrusion is also suitable for constructing innovative, cost-effective machine frame structures/modules.

Martin Enclosures are designed for many types of OEM applications such as: Machine/Equipment Control Consoles, R&D Testing Stations, A.T.E. Racks, Automation Control Stations & Modules, Power Supply/Switching Racks, Battery Array Cabinets and many others which require a rugged, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic, cost-effective enclosure design.

We offer off the shelf, modified standard, or custom manufactured enclosures/assemblies to meet your requirements.