Martin Takes Customization Capabilities to the Next Level with DataRobot’s Showcase Cabinet

final result custom server cabinet

The Blueprint to Success: How we Transform Concepts into High-Quality, Unique Server Rack Solutions

We designed a one-of-a-kind showcase server cabinet for a recent client. DataRobot approached Martin Enclosures to create a custom server cabinet. Martin Enclosures utilized over 20 years of experience engineering and designing server cabinets, racks, and enclosures for a wide range of applications (Seismic, Data Center, Telecom, Military, Government, Medical, Shock Isolation, RFI/EMI Shielding, Acoustic/Sound) to create exactly what DataRobot was looking for. 

As a result, our world-class engineering department designed a custom server rack that elegantly protects the equipment it houses, all to the exact specifications of the client. 

Challenge: Create a Highly Customized and Fully-Functional Server Cabinet for Software Company’s Lobby Display

DataRobot needed a highly-customized server cabinet designed and built. DataRobot wanted to display this custom piece in the lobby of their new office. The client came to Martin Enclosures with a concept of what they wanted and the specs the server cabinet needed to fulfill. We went about turning that idea into a reality. 

Initial Concept

DataRobot’s Product Requirements: 

  • Edge-lit side panels with the company logo engraved
  • Front LED Panel with Custom Graphics Displayed
  • Silkscreen logo on the front door. 
  • Fan Top Panel
  • 42U Height
  • 19” Rack Mount
  • 48” Depth

We reviewed the requirements, accepted the challenge, and jumped right into the design.  

Solution: Design and Manufacture a Highly Custom Rack Solution Utilizing Martin’s Signature and Versatile Frame

Our engineering team needed to source an edge-lit panel for the side panels and an LED panel with custom made graphics for the front door.  After extensive research, we found the proper vendors capable of providing the precise materials that we needed and would also meet the quality standards recognized in all Martin Enclosures.

With vendors sourced, we needed to see how we were going to integrate these custom features into the server cabinet. Our engineers created a model for the server cabinet, and fit the customization to the model. The team also spoke with DataRobot regularly to ensure the model met their specs. 

Once we finalized the design, we began our manufacturing process. Our fabrication team created the necessary parts while working with our engineers to integrate the parts supplied by vendors. After a few weeks, we completed the project to spec and shipped the custom server cabinet to the product 

Results: A Brand Defining Server Cabinet

Currently, DataRobot houses the custom server cabinet in their lobby for customers to see when they enter their facilities. The showcase rack meets their required specs and standards while illustrating how Martin Enclosures can bring to life entirely unique server cabinets. 

custom server cabinet example

The piece not only highlights the craftsmanship of Martin Enclosures, but it also underscores DataRobot’s effort to stand out among the competition as a brand worthy of attention in a highly-competitive niche. The server cabinet serves as a functional piece of technology that provides a unique and lasting first impression.

If you have an idea for a custom server cabinet or need server cabinets designed for your organization, contact Martin Enclosures at [email protected] or call at 603.474.2626.