Air Conditioned Server Cabinet Checklist

Air conditioned server cabinets protect your electronics from heat and moisture. Advanced air conditioned rackmount enclosures are designed to control internal temperature. Air conditioned server racks are generally used in rooms without air-conditioning. Air conditioned rackmount cabinets can be located on a production floor, in a closet, or in an office.

Our 19″ enclosures have an internal closed loop cooling system. The ambient room air is used to cool the condensers and is expelled back into the room. Special ducting can be set up to exhaust the hot air out of the room. Martin Enclosures’ equipment cabinets are available in side mount, rack mount and top mounted configurations and are configured in a variety of different sizes.

Martin Enclosures’ advanced air conditioned enclosures are designed to completely control internal temperature and have an internal closed loop cooling system and the air that is used to cool the condensers and is exhausted back into the room.

Our air conditioned enclosures are available in rack mount, side mount and top mount in a variety of different heights and depths.

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    **Note: Rackmount A/C units vary from 6-14u and will take up usable space inside your rack. Side mount units take up no internal rack space.

    Example: 30”d, 36”d, 42”d

    ***Note: A/C units over 9k BTUs are side mounts.


    **Note: A/C cabinets come standard with caster bases. Side mount A/C units require cabinets to be bolted to the floor using Floor Mount Brackets (supplied). Cabinets with rack mounted A/C units do not come with Floor Mount Brackets and must be ordered separately depending on depth. [FM30, FM36, FM42]


    Office: 75-85 FahrenheitS/B Factory: 85-100 FahrenheitOther

    **Note: Information can be found in the technical specs provided with equipment.

    Duct up through the drop ceilingInto an empty adjacent roomOut of a wall ventNoneOther

    **Note: All AC units are recommended to be on a dedicated circuit.



    These questions will assist you in getting your cabinet into place. If you need white glove delivery, we need these answers to book the service for you. Please call Customer Service 603-474-2626.





    Equipment Placed In This Rack



    Dissipated Heat Watts

    Power Consumption Watts



    Dissipated Heat Watts

    Power Consumption Watts

    Other Items


    Dissipated Heat Watts

    Power Consumption Watts



    What if I can’t find the amount of dissipated heat that my equipment generates?

    • If you cannot find the amount of watts of dissipated heat your equipment generates, please furnish the total watts of power the equipment uses.

    • This can also be found on the technical data.

    • Noted that the rated power of the equipment is not sufficient, the manufacturer’s power consumption data is required.

    • Martin Enclosures can estimate the heat dissipation from the watts or amps, but it is an estimate only. We will estimate slightly high.


    • Dock to Dock delivery is standard.

    • Inside Delivery is inside the door only.


    In all cases, the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide is critical. The effectiveness of your air conditioned server rack depends on the ambient air temperature around the rack, as well as the heat your equipment is generating inside the rack. Martin International Enclosures, Inc. will assist you, if needed, in helping determine how large of an A/C unit is needed to provide the proper BTU of cooling. Because we are not on your premises, cannot predict or control the ambient air temperature or what equipment is being placed in the rack, the final responsibility is yours in determining if the air conditioned rack selected is sufficient for your needs. The A/C unit itself is warranted for one year, and manufacturer’s warranties apply. These racks are made to order and cannot be returned.

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