Telco Racks & LAN Racks

Martin Telco Racks are constructed of high-grade 6063-T5 extruded aluminum offering superior strength and quality. Open format Telco racks enable you to maximize available floor space while organizing your equipment.


  • Patented aluminum extruded 6063-T5 welded aluminum frame
  • Bolt down base
  • Round hole vertical mounting rails
  • Holds up to 800 LBS of equipment
  • 19” and 23” rack mountable space with standard EIA-310 D specifications for mounting rail hole spacing
  • Available in many heights, 2 widths (19” & 23”), and 2 depths (6” & 8”)
  • 40 pack of 10-32 nut clips and screws
  • Textured powder coat finish
  • Multiple color options

Options & Accessories

  • Side panels
  • Cantilever shelves
  • Slide out keyboard tray
  • Vertical or rack mount power strips
  • Caster base
  • Tapped rails (10-32 or 12-24)
  • Cable management
  • Vertical cable troughs
  • Steel frame versions available
  • Various colors available


Caution is to be exercised when loading equipment on cantilever shelves that are mounted on 2 post racks, Telco Racks, Fiber Frames, or enclosures to avoid puttiing too much unbalanced weight on the shelves and causing the racks or enclosures to tip over. It is highly recommended to bolt the racks, Fiber Frames, or enclosures to the floor prior to loading the cantlever shelves with equipment.


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