Cooling, Airflow, and Air Conditioning for Server Racks

Martin Enclosures offers multiple solutions to enhance airflow and data center cooling from the bottom to the top, front to rear, or side to side.

Today’s rack equipment can be very sensitive to temperature and that is why Martin has developed many solutions to keep your server rack cool. We offer a variety of server rack cooling solutions that include air conditioned server racks, In-Row Heat Exchanger, rack fan tops, rack fan panels, baffle kits, and many accessories. There are many environments that do not have temperature control and that is where Martin Enclosures server rack cooling solutions can help you out.


Martin offers many forms of AC units that we incorporate into our rack design. They include side mount, rackmount, and top mount. These server racks are self-contained and can be used in most indoor environments. AC units range from 4K BTU all the way to 19K BTU of cooling. Martin also has a wide variety of sized racks that will work with the AC units. If one of our standard sizes does not work for you then we can design something that will.


Common Data Center layouts include a hot isle and cold isle setup. Within the row of server racks our Heat Exchanger is placed in order to deliver proper cooling to the isle. Martin’s Heat Exchanger Unit (HXU) is designed as an In-Row integrated solution to remove server-generated heat from a typical IT server room environment using a chilled water supply. It is configured in the same style and size as Martin’s server and equipment cabinets, and Power Distribution Enclosures (PDEs).


Top panels can be configured with various types of fans. Fan panels can mount to the vertical mounting rails to cool a specific location. Doors can be very important in cooling high density enclosures that require unrestricted airflow. Doors can also be configured with exhaust fans.


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