Custom Server Racks & Cabinets

Custom Server Racks and Enclosures can be manufactured to meet unique requirements. Martin Enclosures offers a complete line of high performance enclosure solutions that can be custom manufactured to meet most application’s requirements. Some applications require the expertise of system engineers to design. The experts at Martin Enclosures are highly qualified to configure advanced solutions for you.

Server Racks and Enclosures sometimes require unique dimensions. Martin Enclosures designs and creates truly custom solutions for these situations. Customers can provide their own specifications and drawings or they can work closely with an expert at Martin Enclosures to design and manufacture custom server rack or enclosure to meet their needs.

If your application requires specific dimensions, feel free to call us at 1-603-474-2626. Martin International Enclosures has accumulated a wealth of experience in maintaining first-rate manufacturing and exceptional customer service.

– Rack & Enclosure Overall Dimensions
– Silk Screening
– Powder Coat Color
– Customer Equipment Integration
– Shock and Vibration
– Private Labeling
– Cooling Solutions
– Power Solutions
– Cable Management
– Sound Dampening


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