Double Wide Server Rack

Double wide rackmount enclosures are designed with two side by side 19″ rack mount areas in the same enclosure.

Double wide rackmount enclosures are typically used when there are more servers or equipment than a single wide enclosure can house and it is desired to have the equipment in one rack, or when it is more convenient to house servers in the same enclosure.

Double wide rackmount enclosures may be used to make it easier to wire and cable between two racks without walls interrupting the cable flow. Double wide rackmount enclosures offer the same features as the single wide cabinets and can be made in many sizes.


  • Front and rear double doors opening from the center out with 2-way latching points and locking swing handles
  • Houses both tower and rack mount equipment
  • Enclosures available in many standard heights, widths, and depths
  • Field reversible doors when specified
  • Shipped completely assembled
  • Modified standard sizes, configurations and colors available upon request
  • Infinitely adjustable vertical mounting rails side to side and front to rear
  • Patented aluminum extruded 6063-T5 welded frame with steel doors and panels
  • US patent # 6,179,398


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