Additional Services

Martin Enclosures Additional Services

We strive to satisfy the needs of our customers, no matter how specific. Martin Enclosures’ offers a wide variety of additional services.

Private Labeling

Martin Enclosures offers a wide variety of services to accommodate every customer requirement.

  • Private Labeling – For customers who wish to package their products in Martin enclosures and resell the complete solution under their own brand.
  • Silk Screening – Designations on panels, power strips or customers names on a cabinet or enclosure.
  • U Labeling for Vertical Mounting Rails – U labeling each rack unit on a vertical mounting rail to make it faster and easier to mount equipment and assure it is equidistant from the top or bottom, to keep it level without counting holes.
  • Installation – Martin can install the equipment when customers do not have qualified personnel to do the job properly.
  • Local Delivery (Our truck) – When feasible, we prefer to deliver personally with white glove service to eliminate the possibility of damage by common carrier.
  • Shipping Crates – Crates are designed and built in house for the particular size of enclosure that goes into it in order to provide better protection against shipping vibration and damage.
    • Shipping crates come with a door that doubles as a ramp to roll the cabinet in and out of the crate.
    • Crates have cushion foam on the interior to support and cushion cabinet during transit.
    • Crates can either have a standard wood pallet base or a cusioned pallet to absorb more of the vibration during transit.
    • Shipping crates are designed to be reused by the customer 2-3 times
    • Heavy duty crates can be made for extreme cases such as reusing many times


“Thank you for your unwavering commitment to exceed your customer’s requirements and expectations! In words, you make us look GREAT! I only wish all our suppliers could make the same commitment to excellent customer support!”

Clarke Taylor
Technical Marketing Systems, Inc.

“Their competitors say here are our products, which one do you want to buy? Martin says what problem are you trying to solve, let’s see how we can help.”

Rob DiFazio
Critical Solutions Group